Brush Coating Cambridge and Harvard University

At New England Pipe Restoration, our brush coating service can offer preventative care against corrosion and additional benefits, all while being done in a timely manner. This tool allows us to provide Harvard University faculty and students with a quick and easy solution to rehabilitate pipes and prepare them for years of future use.

We understand how Harvard University needs to avoid problems such as water pipe leaks and any additional damage caused by pipeline problems. These problems require early detection, and signs of that pipe coating may be required are water discoloration that can be black, red, or brown. Having flakes in water sources or discolored pipe that are exposed are sure signs that a problem needs to be addressed. With such a large population of people, there will be a great deal of wear and tear on water and sewer systems. This can create complications that should be quickly addressed. Our team at New England Pipe Restoration can provide this quick care. Our brush coating system can help prolong the life of pipelines because of the abilities of our resin coat. It can be wear resistant and corrosion resistant, which is beneficial with such high a volume of usage.

Our quality work begins with an inspection of the desired pipes. Our video inspection cameras are lowered into the pipe through a small hole, roughly 3 feet in diameter. The live video feed is directly passed to the technician, who can analyze any possible damage or blockages we need to clean. Once it has been assessed, the pipe is cleaned to provide a rough surface on which the resin can dry. Hoses are passed into one end of the pipe and pump in the resin. Brushes are carefully selected to fit the pipe and then are rotated as to smoothly apply the resin along the inside the pipe. As the resin is slowly applied, our technicians use our video inspection equipment to continue to monitor the process. This can help avoid possible mistake and can provide evidence if there is more than one coat of resin needed. The whole process should take roughly a day and only needs the assistance of a small crew.

Our pipe brushing is a trenchless solution, and additional damage and delays can be avoided because there is little need to tear up lawns in order to gain access to the pipelines. Schedules can return to normal following the procedure, without the additional stress of making up for lost time. Inconveniencing parts of Harvard University’s campus isn’t necessary, as we may only need a small area to access the inside of the pipe, while our equipment can adjust to the pipe length internally. In addition to our quick work and affordable prices, our brush coating process lowers energy costs and encourages greater, more efficient water flow.

Even with large areas and bustling groups of people, our team at New England Pipe Restoration still provides quality care for all of our customers. If you feel we are a good fit for your needs, no matter great or small, give us a call at 866-553-9182 to see how we can take care of you!