Don’t Let the Winter Cold Destroy Your Watertown Main Line

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Winters in Watertown are already harsh, and the added pressure of maintaining the sewer pipes in your home can and preventing them from freezing can be challenging to do without the right tips and companies to assist you. Don’t let the winter cold destroy your water main line by adopting these simple and easy practices:

  1. Watch For Cold Spots
    There are rooms and spots in your home that usually get extremely cold during the winters. These are places where there’s no access to direct sunlight, and basements are one of these spots. Keep these places warm by directing warm air to these areas. By keeping these rooms warm, you keep the pipes in these rooms warm also. This prevents pipes from freezing up and later bursting. Ideally, the temperature in your home should not drop below 32 degrees.
  2. Install Heat Tape
    A heat tape around your pipe keeps its insulated from the cold weather. Heat tape acts as a long-term investment for your home and adds to its property value.
  3. Run the Faucets Often
    If the temperature drops too low, turn on a faucet and allow the water to run slowly. This will allow the water to keep moving through the pipes and preventing the water from freezing in the mainline.
  4. Open the Cabinets
    When the weather gets cold, open your cabinets near faucets. This will warm them up and prevent the pipes from getting too cold.
  5. Turn Off Outside Faucets and Sprinklers
    Before the winter, turn off sprinkler systems and outdoor faucets to prevent the water from freezing inside of the faucets and causing problems.
  6. Disconnect the Hoses
    If you leave your hoses connected to the outside faucets, it’s a good time to stop that practice. Hoses prevent water from draining out properly and these will likely freeze and damage the hose.
  7. Schedule a Home Inspection
    It’s a smart move to schedule an inspection of your pipelines by a certified company before the winter months. Ask the experts to seal away any leaks, especially those near your pipes, as well as tips for how to insulate your home during these cold months.

If you wake up to a frozen pipe, the first thing to do is turn off the main water line. You don’t want to let the winter cold destroy your Watertown main line. Once the main line is disconnected, you can thaw the water by wrapping warm towels and rags around the pipes. Pour hot water on the towels and rags after some time. After the pipe has thawed, remove the wet towels and dry the faucet with dry rags. As an added measure, wrap a dry insulation material around the pipes to prevent any more freezing.

If this doesn’t work, it’s best to call the professionals. Don’t let the winter cold destroy your Watertown main line because this will not only disrupt your routine but also impact the property value of your home. For more information, contact New England Pipe Restoration, and we will be happy to assist you.

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