Municipal Pipe Repair Boston

pipe-repairThe city of Boston is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. But like many older cities, Boston is faced with major problems in the sewer line department. The city spends millions of dollars each year upgrading the vast sewer system that encompasses the city. But they are still a long way from getting the system up to snuff. While the city is working hard, there is something that the city of Boston can do to speed up the process. Trenchless municipal pipe repair in Boston will greatly decrease downtime and help save the city and its residents thousands of dollars each year. Today we are going to learn more about the process and how it can help get things up to par faster.

How Does Trenchless Municipal Pipe Repair Work?

Traditionally sewer drains and other pipes including water line needed to be dug up in order to repair them. Not only was this a very costly way of conducting a repair, but it took many man hours to complete the job. With the cost of labor these days, the price of traditional repair has become outrageous. But luckily, there is a way to get around that cost. Trenchless municipal pipe repair in Boston requires very little digging. Instead of a large pit, two small holes are dug for access points. Using these access points, workers can install a flexible pipe liner that can be blown into place using compressed air. Once in place, this liner can be hardened using hot water, steam or an ambient light. Once hardened, the liner will serve as a watertight bond repairing any damage. There are many benefits of using this new modern method of pipe repair, and we will learn about them below. So make sure to pay close attention to the information that is provided.

Five Benefits of Trenchless Municipal Pipe Repair in Boston

1. No need to dig large trenches: As we have learned above, only a little digging is needed using this new method. Digging requires large excavation equipment that will cost tons of money to rent or maintain. So why not avoid these extra costs by limiting the practice of digging?
2. Fewer workers will be needed: While creating jobs for the fine people of Boston is always a good thing, having extra labor cost is not. Traditional pipe repair required tons of labor because it was a time-intensive process. But with the new trenchless method, only a few technicians will be required to complete even the largest of jobs. This will help greatly reduce the cost of repairs and allow that money to be used on other more important projects.
3. These repair will last for many decades: Because of the materials used in trenchless pipe repair, you will not need to worry about that part of the system for many years. Trenchless pipe repair will last a lot longer than traditional pipe repair giving you more peace of mind. Some estimate that the epoxy used in this modern repair process can last as long as 50 years or more!
4. Better flow rates: Let’s face it, we all have to deal with poor flow rates from time to time. This can really slow things down and complaints will come pouring in if things are not working fast enough. So why not do something about flow rates once and for all? Trenchless pipe repair will greatly increase flow because of the material used. This smooth liner will allow water to flow quickly as well as raw waste and paper products. Having a great flow rate will keep your overall system working smoothly and everyone happy at the same time! Who doesn’t like those benefits?
5. Fewer blowouts and less damage: When fixing pipes and drains the old way, the chances of a failure to occur in the future are something that many people have come to expect. But when failure does occur, lots of additional damage can happen. Instead of sitting around and worrying about potential blowouts and the damage that they can cause, why not use the trenchless method? This method will ensure that these accidents do not occur, and your system will be better conditioned and strengthen.

Act Today and Get Started Building a Better System

Now that you know more about this new type of pipe and drain repair, why not implement it into your system today? It will greatly benefit the entire system by getting rid of the weak areas and adding longevity at the same time. This new technology is great for all types of systems including storm drains, drinking water supply systems, and sewage systems. So why not take a big step into the future with this amazing new technology? It just might surprise you!