Large Diameter CIPP in Boston

large-diameter-cippDo you own a large commercial property? If so, chances are you have a very large sewage drain line leading out of your building. Sewer drain lines run underground and often go unnoticed by property owners. That is until something goes wrong with them. Today we are going to learn about a process called CIPP (Cured In Place Piping). If you are a business owner in the Boston area, you should definitely pay attention to the information provided below. It just might help you better understand your sewer system and what you can do to fix it in case something goes wrong. Let’s get started, shall we?

The process of large diameter CIPP in Boston begins with a visit from your local plumbing experts. These knowledgeable technicians will come to your property and give you a quick and reliable assessment using the latest in plumbing technology. First, your large sewer pipe will be inspected with a camera system to determine the condition inside. Then once they understand what is going on with your sewer drain, the real work will begin. Next, they will dig two very small access holes in order to get to your sewer system. After access has been gained, equipment will be set up. This specialized equipment will be used to blow a soft resin filled pipe into your old sewer pipe. Once the soft pipe has been put into place, the team of experts will then cure and harden it by using several different methods. Hot water, ambient light, or steam can all be used to harden the pipe sealing up any holes that might be causing leaks. This process is fast and easy and you can start using your sewer in as little as 24 hours! But there are other benefits of large diameter CIPP in Boston that you will find below. Each of these benefits will greatly help those who are dealing with serious commercial sewer drain issues.

Five Benefits of Large Diameter CIPP in Boston

1. The CIPP process can save you lots of money: Traditionally, when a major sewer repair takes place, large sections of ground will need to be dug up. Then the very large and very heavy sewer pipe will have to be taken out and replaced with a new one. This old way of doing things cost lots of money in both replacement parts and in labor. Not to mention the fact that you will have to foot the bill for landscaping repair. Then there is the CIPP process. This process requires very little digging and your sewer pipe will be repaired instead of replaced.
2. It will be over with before you know it: Unlike traditional sewer replacement that we learned about just a few minutes ago, the CIPP process is very quick. Depending on the size and length of your sewer drain line, the job might only take a single day. This means that your commercial location can get back to normal in no time at all! We all know that time can be money especially if you are operating a retail business out of your building. So instead of spending extra time and money with traditional measures, why not go with the CIPP method?
3. No need to lay off workers: Normally during a sewer repair, you will need to shut your business down for at least a few days. During this time, your employees will need to be laid off and that can cost them valuable pay. Many of us depend on our weekly checks to pay the bills and missing a few days can really put a damper on life. So instead of laying off your workers, why not use the CIPP method and keep them working throughout the repair process? This will not only put more money in their pockets but in yours as well!
4. Your sewer problems will be over with for a very long time: When the CIPP process is over with, you will not have to worry about sewer related problems for many years to come. Because the CIPP liner is so durable and strong, it will last for many decades before it needs to replaced. This is great news to anyone who hates to deal with sewer issues.
5. Increased flow rate: A CIPP liner will increase the size of your sewer drain line by removing any buildup that has occurred. This will increase the rate of flow allowing your sewer to work more efficiently. Another reason for an increased flow rate is because the CIPP liner is made of smooth materials which will allow solid waste and paper products to move quickly out of the pipe and into the city sewer system where it belongs.